And Then There Were Three

Is it just me or are there way too many earthquakes lately? There was a huge 7.2 one not too far from the border yesterday, followed by a sizable aftershock, but I totally missed them both. I might have been in the car at that time and thus did not feel the earth move. After all these years of sleeping through and getting awakened by earthquakes, I still tremble a little thinking about all the breakables (myself included) around my house that might not survive the Big One.

Speaking of breakables, I finally got the black/white Liberty piggy bank I was pining for last week. And then there were three. Big shoutouts to a few of you who told me where you saw some and even one of you who was sweet enough to offer to send it to me. Kindness of strangers rocks!

On a totally different topic, I’ve been racking my brain for inspiration for the next FIMTSO entry. I’d promised a reader to feature the item she requested, and I must say I’m a little stumped as I do not wear this particular item very often. Let’s see how I make out tomorrow!

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  1. jelita78

    i’ve got another FIMTSO suggestion..
    not one but several coloured pants!
    i mean, i only have black pants.. not even white.. but i’ve seen people wearing red, and green.. goshh.. can u FIMTSO red or green pants? hahaha..

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