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I’m going to bump the entry about my luggage for this fashion interruption. And since sometimes it’s more fun to see fashion beyond static photography, why don’t you come vlog with me today. It’s actually a confession of how I fell off the shopping (ban) wagon. Again. I know, I meant to only tip-toe into the store and check out the Sonia Rykiel for H&M collection for Lil A’s baby clothes, but $241 later, here I am in the confessional, wearing the evidence.


PS: that’s my furkid walking in front of the camera. He wants air time, too.

PPS: If you think this video sucks, be thankful you didn’t see the bloopers. This was take 6 and I could barely contain my giggles. I’ll just stick to the old blogging and leave vlogging to the professionals.


  1. claudia

    I went to h&m over the weekent but mine is not carrying anything yet from this collection πŸ™ I really wanted to get the doll….so cute.

  2. larkie

    i went to the 3 LA locations that got the sonia collection. i’m just bummed i didn’t find the b/w striped long sweater though; it looked really cute on the hanger but they didn’t have my size left πŸ™

  3. Claudia

    Hi Larkie,

    The doll is adorable. I need to visit H&M. πŸ™‚

  4. Quinn

    You did great vlogging! Thanks for showing your loot at H&M. I guess there goes your shopping ban that lasted 5 seconds.LOL Don’t worry, I was on a shopping ban too but had bought a lot of stuff the last time I went to the mall too.

    My hubby thinks I am a hopeless addict. πŸ™‚

  5. jelita78

    oh i lurvv the stripe shipe..
    err.. i meant the scarf!

    hey, u did awesome on the vlog!
    a little tongue tied along the road is aye okay!
    that’s what makes it unique!

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