Brain Lag

Coming home after 5 weeks abroad is a bit unsettling. I wouldn’t call it jet lag but rather brain lag, as in trouble remembering passwords. And how to drive. But give me 24 hours to sort through a box full of mail, lots of packages (!), and some of that famous LA sunshine and I’ll snap back to my life away from the road. But as it turns out, there’s been nothing but serious rain here–though the sun is peeking out today–and I’ve come home to one surly furkid on strike…

jury duty (which happens to be an attempted murder case and I’m both fortunately and unfortunately dismissed from the panel), and the stray who’s NOT on strike:

Does he look like he hasn’t grown all that much since I last blogged about him? I was going to take him to the animal shelter with the heavy rains and all, but then one day he showed up with 3 more cats in tow, all different breeds of various ages. I don’t think they were his posse or entourage since he was growling at them to defend his food. That same night an overfed raccoon made an appearance on my patio so now I can’t leave food outside for him anymore.

But where was I? So yes, back in LA, this weekend has been all about sports. We have two NBA teams here, the beloved Lakers and the stepchildren Clippers. It doesn’t really matter to me who’s playing for LA, though, because I’m all about the San Antonio Spurs. See number 20 on my back in today’s first pic? This is the real number 20:

And this is the court inside the Staples Center where the Clippers and the Lakers play:

But up there in the rafters, it’s all purple and gold, hence the stepchildren reference to the Clippers:

But I have to say, if the Clippers were another winning team it’d be much harder to score good seats at the very last minute to see my Spurs. And in these seats at the premier level–where you can opt to dine in the San Manuel Club (food is actually pretty good) or be served in-seat–

it’s the best way to get over that brain lag. The Lakers are hosting the Spurs tonight–will see if my Ginobilli jersey gets to go out again today.

On a last sports note, did anyone notice that the New Orleans Saints’ owner’s wife was wearing a CHANEL jacket from the 09P season? I know they were hoisting the Vince Lombardi trophy and all but I just wanted to see her jacket in high-def. Now that’s a Super Bowl moment for me!


  1. mtview

    my friend is going to j’berg for a conference so I am tagging alone. We are going to Phinda resort afterwards. I am flying from SF to j’berg so a very very long flight…

  2. larkie

    wow where in S africa? you are going to have a great time! i broke up my flight to j’berg by stopping through spain. it’s way toooo long of a flight directly from LA!

  3. mtview

    Thanks Larkie. I will be going to South Africa in April. It will be the longest flight I ever been on. Definitely want to be comfortable without looking sloppy.

  4. larkie

    Yes I do have an in-flight uniform! i’ll blog about it soon as this week i’d like to get back to fashion and other topics!!

  5. mtview

    Haha…love the look on your furbaby’s face. One question for you. Since you are on the plane a lot, do you have certain go to outfits for long flights. I can never find both comfy and put together outfits.

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