Art For The Mouth

One of the best vantage points in Toledo is from the Victorio Macho Museum, previously the home and studio of a Spanish sculptor. From his courtyard patio you have unobstructed views of the hills and water

as well as access to his prolific art collection:

Art can be found everywhere in this town, but it shouldn’t just be for the eyes. Toledo is also known for marzipan, a confection of ground almonds, egg whites, and sugar that’s molded into all kinds of shapes. It can be decadently sweet and rich, so I like to savor a bit at a time over a strong tea or coffee:

Speaking of art for the mouth, I have to say I am quite impressed by the abundance of gastronomical restaurants in such a small town (I walk by at least two 4-star Michelin restaurants after lunch). Quality is obviously a high priority in kitchens of all price points here. Case in point is where I have lunch–Alfileritos 24–a modern looking restaurant on an unassuming, ancient street…

just around the corner from a highly recommended place that seems to be crowded with visitors:

I opt to not follow the stream of tourists and am rewarded for my decision because once seated at my cozy table, I am treated like a princess by the staff (can I please also comment how quickly food is served everywhere around Spain!) and the food couldn’t be more delicious from start to finish:

BTW, how about a fashion interruption right here. It’s really hard to feature what I’ve been wearing on my trip because I’m bundled up like a Michelin man in my coat, so it’s only when I’m eating that I can get a shot of the outfit du jour. In this case it’s the navy and grey Chanel 08A turtleneck…

worn with a JCrew winter 2009 cardigan that luckily matches exactly in color scheme–I had it on when I was on the train, before the wine arrived and warmed me up–

But back to the food! My dessert choices are cakes and tarts of the day, but I’ve been seeing this everywhere all around Spain so I order the tortitas con nata y chocolate liquido. Looks like American pancakes, but not quite the same…

So marzipan and dining are the third reason why you should visit Toledo. Tomorrow I’ll conclude my Toledo visit with reason number 4. I’ll sign off now with a few more pics:


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