Ceramics Galore

Throughout Morocco you can find ceramics of all patterns and quality. At the end of one of my half-day tours I turn up at a ceramics factory–the Famille Fehari Cooperative. As soon as we drive up to the parking lot, we can see clay items in various stages of formation…it’s ceramics galore:

The co-op’s guide shows me the kilns,

and takes me around to observe a primarily male staff sculpting,


and building mosaics…

My favorite item at this factory is the fountain that comes in a myriad of sizes and designs. Maybe next time I will bring a design so that I could get one custom made:

Beyond this big courtyard where large items are being completed…

is the gift shop where you can find a million souvenirs,

most of which you could find for cheaper in the souks with some bargaining. But I buy a few things here anyway because…well, whenever I’m in a store environment I just can’t help it. It’s like I’ve been conditioned to shop or something!

Anyway, my tour of Morocco is almost up. I’ll show you a few more sights just a day or two more and then we’re out of Africa.


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