Any Guesses?

Any guesses as to where I may have landed? Here are a few more hints…

Surely this call to prayer narrows it down a bit?


Yes, I’m in Fes, the imperial city of Morocco. I’d caught a very early flight this morning from Charleroi and was rewarded with a balcony breakfast when I checked into the riad…

I’ve already done a tour of a few places inside the medina (but as it’s Friday, most things are closed) today and now I’m famished again. I’m heading back out now to see if I can’t get lost into some joint for a late lunch. Will be back in days to come with more stories from the road!


  1. Anonymous

    Hi! Larkie,

    Awesome pics. keep them coming. I can see you are enjoying 🙂 The food looks so yummy.

    Take Care,

  2. Victoria

    Oh, fantastic! I can’t wait to see your pics from here.

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