Go Bruins!


It’s November so it must be football season. I’m just starting to finally learn the rules of this sport which makes going to the games a lot more enjoyable. Today let’s go watch my alma mater




the Huskies


at the Rose Bowl…


which is just around the corner from my house. I know we’re just mere weeks away from Christmas, but as you can see from the way people are dressed at the tailgate parties it’s a gorgeous, warm day here in Southern Cal:


The BBQs are going along with the flying frisbees, but I really want to check out the food selection at the Food Zone:


More of the same fare you’d find anywhere in LA, like soft tacos and burgers, so I’ll wait to buy my junk food inside the gate…


Does anyone know where Tunnel 16 is?


I follow the masses in true blue and gold (go Bruins!)…


and with stadium food in hand I make my way to my seat:


The game turns out to be pretty exciting, in spite of the boneheaded mistakes by both teams…


and it holds my attention from start


to finish,


with very little distraction in between (Josie Bruin’s dress is too cute):


Four hours later it’s time to walk down the hill to the car. We parked near the Gamble House so the stroll is actually great eye candy…


Or maybe the victory just makes the walk that much more pleasant!


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