City Of Trees


Sacramento is the capital of the great state of California, and its nickname is the City of Trees.


It’s definitely a lush city, and a river also runs through it, so while driving around sunny downtown Sacramento I have a strange deja vu of being in Austin. But other than being a capital and university town, the two cities are not the same at all. I’ve long been enamored with the grandeur of the State Capitol in Austin–when you are looking at it, you feel the history. And when you stand inside it, you want to be a part of that history. Like many things in Texas, it’s enormous.


The building that is the state capitol of California is less imposing and quite reminiscent of the capitol in DC., best described by a sign across the street as designed in the “popular classical revival style that reflected the young nation’s idealistic admiration of Greek democracy and Roman republicanism.”


The small radius where all the the buildings of historical significance clump together is easy to manage on foot. Makes a perfect Sunday stroll actually.


I want to go inside and look for the Governator….I’ve a few complaints I’d like to lodge, though I know that’s what I get for voting an actor into office!


  1. Maya

    Hey Larkie,

    Glad you stopped by Sacramento! This is where I live now… Not so much to do here… Wish I could have met you!

  2. larkie

    you got it! Governor Schwarzenegger never lets us forget he was in the movies. He keeps threatenening us that he’ll “be back.” :))

  3. a  stranger

    What is a Governator ? You mean a Governor and a Terminator combined ? :))

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