You Just Can’t Make This Stuff Up!

The line outside St. Vitus is twice as long now so I take a final shot of one of the doors; I don’t think I quite want to queue up again in this heat. I’d rather go see the changing of the guards…

and tease one of them till I get a smile from him:

When I get to this hill,

I encounter a group of young Chinese 20-somethings carrying very expensive video equipment, in a flutter of activity. Before I know it, one of them jumps out and unfurls a poster. His friends begin filming away…I really wish I could understand Chinese at this point because I wonder if he’s planning to propose to this girl:

A small crowd of curious tourists gathers around him. Some clap and shake his hand. We all hope he gets the girl.

Speaking of love, I also spot a bunch of brides and grooms today:

It’s now around 2pm so I have to head back to the Old Town. On my first day here I’d run across the Museum of Communism and knew I’d have to come back to tour it…and no, I’m not having a spasm.  Nor am I making inappropriate gang signs. I’m just copying the matryoshka:

Funnily the museum overlooks a very capitalistic McDo

and shares the same building as a casino…you just can’t make this stuff up!

I am hoping the gift shop will sell a nesting doll with this wonderfully adorable grimace,

but all I find are postcards, tshirts and matchbooks with her image. I’m almost certain everyone who’s ever walked by this sign has done the same thing, because I do it again today:

All this loitering has made me really hungry.  Let’s go eat lunch here…


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