A Heady Full Day In Prague


Before I got to the Dancing House in yesterday’s entry,


I had actually zipped back to my hotel to freshen up. The day had warmed up big time by mid-afternoon so I changed into a sleeveless Marni top and a pair of flip flops.

I get my second wind and walk along the main streets that border the Vltava River:


There are so many grand buildings all over Prague,


and once in a while I’d see the antique cars that you can rent to tour the city in–they come with a chauffeur:


Everywhere I look there are dramatic, ornate statues…


This sprawling one is my favorite:


I’m amused to find a painting of it hanging on the wall of a restaurant I pop inside to consider for dinner (but I ultimately choose not to eat here):


I finally cross over to the boardwalk to preview tomorrow’s tour of Charles Bridge:


It’s at this point that my camera’s battery starts flashing, telling me I’m almost out of juice.Which is just as well; I’m heading back to the city center…


for dinner with one of these…


followed by some of this:


It’s a short walk back to the hotel from dinner, which is a good thing because I’m pooped; it’s been a heady full day in Prague. One last picture at the hotel before my camera completely dies:


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