Culinary Buzz-Kill


On my first morning in Prague I do NOT have a breakfast of champions.  All I can say is I’m glad my first meal in Prague was great last night or else this hotel breakfast would have been culinary buzz-kill and not a good way to meet a new town. I’d really rather not grab breakfast at McDo but we’ll see tomorrow.

It’s an overcast day in Prague, hence I’m doing a happy dance.  The next few days are supposed to be scorching hot so I’m thrilled that it’s cool enough to wear my new Chanel jacket for now (see, I’m really trying to blend fashion and travel together!):


The street I’m on is a quiet one shaded by a huge church:


Anyway, you know how some days just don’t seem to start right?  I’m now 15 minutes from my hotel and realize that I’d left all my research notes in the hotel room. Arghh. And the map I have is in Czech so it’s more or less blind walking today, at least until I can find the Tourist Information office.  That’s why I end up on back streets like this one:


But I have to make the most of where I am and I do enjoy this:


Just as I’d noticed coming from the airport yesterday, grafitti is everywhere in Prague. Sometimes (most of the times) I want to pretend it’s not there, but once in a while it’s worth a second look, like on this wall…

that’s on this street:


Around the corner the city suddenly comes alive with people buzzing to work:


Everyone looks really busy and somewhat glum so I just focus on the buildings around me instead. Since I’m no good with directions, I have to commit landmarks to memory anyway in case I have to come back through here for whatever reason:


Want to peek inside St. Ignatius Church above?  It’s totally different from any church I’ve seen so far on this European trek.


But where the heck am I?  This sign doesn’t help much because I don’t remember the Czech names of the places I want to go see…


and I’m not feeling warm and fuzzy vibes from these two for help…


but I know I’m not far from wherever it is that I’m trying to get to. This is tourist central, I just know it. The Prague I’ve been reading about and fallen in love with through movies has got to be just around the corner–


but which corner?


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