Young And Restless In LA


A long, long time ago in between reading for con law and criminal law I’d unwind with certain friends at clubs all around LA.  The more underground the better.  There’d be hell to pay for it the next day in an early class but the way we saw it, we were “researching” for future clients and cases in those dives.  During my last year in school, my landlord’s late husband had owned a bunch of the clubs on Sunset Blvd so that was a great connection to have. 


It’s crazy to be young and restless in LA, especially with access, but I suppose you need a little abandonment and a lot of youthful resilience at some point in your life to know when to stop later on. Theoretically speaking.


These days in my reformed life, the closest I get to revisit my past is at live music venues like the Sunset Strip Music Festival that took place this weekend.


The city of West Hollywood closed down a few blocks and some 40 bands showed up to take the stage on the street as well as in the clubs:


Out on the West Stage, there was eye candy for the guys –the girl band The Donnas–


as well as for the gals–boy band Pepper:


In between sets I tried to capture a sense of concert fashion in this town for you…


and my conclusion is that tats make the best accessory:


Finally, the main event…Korn!


I love their energy.  Plug your ears if you want to see this video–the sound is bad but there’s something interesting going on on stage as well as off!



When they covered Pink Floyd’s Another Brick in the Wall, the crowd got even crazier than the above Freak on a Leash. A very large woman was jumping up and down behind me, bouncing into me every time her feet hit the ground. And that’s the main difference between the me from school days and the me today. Back then, I’d bounce right back into her and maybe take out a few other people along the way. Now, I worry about getting my purse dirty.  Haha.


A little personal space, please!


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