Let’s Skip The Quixotic Chases


The first time I got to see a windmill up close and in person, it was dark outside and the tavern inside, where we were hoping to get a beer, was closed.  I’d arrived at Le Moulin Defrenne too late. This time, I’m prepared like a Boy Scout. I’ve perused the mill database and concluded that eventually all roads lead to the UNESCO World Heritage Site mills at Kinderdijk in the Netherlands. So let’s skip the Quixotic chases and just go there:


BTW there’s plenty of parking right by the mills, so whatever you read about finding parking elsewhere, I’d ignore it. I don’t mind the long walk from where I park, however, because I get to enjoy the neighborhood…


as well as teaser views of the 19 mills as I get closer and closer:


Can you imagine this view from your backyard:


After a 20-minutes walk I get to the front of the “park”…


and there are bikes for rent…


(yeah right! I walk!)

…and there are people fishing:


This tourist attraction is, as it’s always been, in the middle of a village with life happening as we speak, so you get to see relics from the past right in the present.



How are the 19 mills, you ask?  Same, same but different. Tomorrow I’ll take you inside Windmill 2:


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