Fashion Police Back In The Day


Throughout the State Apartments, where my tour in Dublin Castle begins, you can see the symbol of the lyre (or harp) as above. You will find it everywhere in Ireland from the euro coin…


to all things Guinness:


The State Apartments were formerly quarters used by the Viceregal Court. Today it plays host to State functions:


This room below was once used to entertain the ladies of the court, and there you will find petticoat mirrors placed discreetly below the side tables so that the women could quickly glance to make sure their petticoats were not showing. Such a fashion offense could cost a proper lady her reputation and a shot at marriage. I suppose the fashion police back in the day wielded much more power than today!


From here we go to other wings:


From this next room important presidential announcements and inaugurations are broadcast…


and on its ceilings are beautiful, symbolic frescoes painted by an Italian whose name I forget at the moment:


What say we head back outside tomorrow and join the madding crowd?


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