Part 2 of the City of Luxembourg


Remember the bestseller that became a movie, The Bridges of Madison County? It really has no relevance to where I am today, but I’m reminded of it because there are a lot of bridges and arches all around the city of Luxembourg that make great photo ops:


I actually have five more bridge/arch pictures I’d like to share but I’ll spare you in today’s part 2 of the City of Luxembourg. Like any great European centers, you can walk in just about any direction and find some cool plaza to people watch or soak in architectural history, or both:


Here are the town hall,


the Grand Ducal Palace,


and the Gëlle Fra (golden lady), a war memorial dedicated to volunteers in WWI,


The lower half of the memorial looks like this:


Tomorrow we’ll switch gears and I get to put on my Flemish ears. It’s impossible for me to pronounce most of the Flemish words–and I say this next at the risk of losing all my Walloon friends– but I love listening to TV or radio commercials in Flemish; even announcements on trains sound good to me. Not the most romantic sounding language in the world but I’d like to learn it one day!


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