Ear and Eye Candy


So a day before my trip, with most of my packing pretty much done, we head to San Diego for a fun night of live music.  Il Divo is actually also performing in LA Sunday night but I will be on a plane by that time.  Pasadena to San Diego on a  weekend afternoon is quite a visual hike. By the time you leave Orange County, it’s miles of beach scenery and the temperature drops by some twenty degrees from the 97 Fahrenheit we were feeling in Pasadena.  I’m annoyed I forgot my camera at home and have to make do with these blurry shots from my Blackberry. The parking lots are full of vacationing families and surfers; I kinda want to detour to the water myself…


…and apparently so do half of all the Californians:


The freeway is packed.  We are going nowhere fast.


After a quick dinner (and some speed shopping at the outdoors Fashion Valley mall), we follow more traffic to the venue at San Diego State’s Viejas Arena.


I enjoy all kinds of music, especially live, and even if some of the dialog is cheesy tonight, I have to say this has been one of the best vocal performances I’ve heard in years.  Pretty men in dapper tuxedos belting out songs in Italian, French, English and Spanish…what’s not to love?


I appreciate the costume changes as well.  It really has been a night of ear and eye candy.


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