Do You Imagine It To Look Like Vianden?


If and when you think about fairy tales, do you imagine it to look like Vianden (Veianen)?


Actually, my fairy tale looks more like 31 rue cambon, but for today let’s just say it should be this charming commune in northeastern Luxembourg.


As I amble through this cobblestoned town that dates back to the medieval ages,


there’s some sort of pre-festivities buzz going on from the Veinen voll Musik (music festival) and every so often I’d spot someone breaking out in song–in this case this gentleman is singing a melodic, traditional song in Luxembourgish:


There are signs of musical performances everywhere…


In the middle of the town center there’s also a mini food fest,


accompanied by this ensemble that’s playing You Are My Sunshine


while I order frites from these ladies who stand ready to make customers fresh batches:


By the time I sit down to eat my fries, the band breaks into some Louis Armstrong song. But let’s get back to this business of fairy tales, shall we? 


Certainly the Vianden Castle is one of the most impressive castles I’ve seen,


but c’mon now, do fairy tales exist? The jury’s still out on that, but on this warm afternoon, as a commoner I have to say my happily ever after is found right here:


Pretty soon my pants won’t fit me if I eat my way through Europe at this rate 🙂


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