Wolz, Ech Hun Dech Gaer


Early this morning I cross the border into Luxembourg and am greeted by patches of fog…


that slowly yield to wonderful vistas of my first stop in the town of Wiltz (or Wolz in Luxembourgish):


I’m happy to get out and stretch my legs while checking out the surrounding real estate. On this cute street,


I find a sweet little house with a bridge and blooming apple trees in its garden:


I reach the town center just before 10am and human activity is barely stirring:


Lucky for me a patisserie is in full swing and I grab a schnecken, a German raisin pastry with bits of apples inside (can I hear a yummy please!):


Can you imagine how well the schnecken goes with views like these:


One of my favorite buildings is the city hall:


The tourist information center is inside this chateau that also houses a museum…did you know that Wiltz is quite well known for the scouting movement and campsites?


Just at the foot of the chateau is a small, hillside, outdoors music hall where they are presenting the musical Evita. I wish I had enough time to hang around for the evening show. All in all I wander around this sleepy yet seemingly efficient commune for about an hour and a half before moving to the next stop.  And from what I do get to see, Wolz, ech hun dech gaer (Wiltz, I love you–at least I think that’s what I just wrote)!


  1. Hatawa

    Hey Larkie, see you have reached beautifull Luxembourg, i’m really enjoying youre european trip.
    Luxembourg is a small, but such a nice country!
    It’s great to drive allong the Moesel river al the way to Germany and visit the winehouses allong the way.
    What will be youre next stop?

  2. Peter Bui

    Hmmm, always food in your hands

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