Why Is Everyone So Tall?


Why is everyone so tall?!? I’m definitely feeling Lilliputian walking among the Dutch. I knew I should have brought those skyscraper sandals with me, though I suspect I’d still get dwarfed standing next to some of these people. But never mind that, there is plenty of diversity in this fair city and before long I am at eye-level with a few Asian and Italian people as we jostle through the busy Antwerpen streets on a weekend afternoon.


One of the most significant landmarks in Antwerp is the Onze-Lieve-Vrouwekathedraal (simply, De Kathedraal),


a gothic Roman Catholic church whose architects were a father-son team of Jan and Pieter Appelmans. With a total capacity of 25,000 people, it also has one of the tallest spires in the world and therefore dominates the city’s landscape:


There are significant works by Rubens in this cathedral, but I find the nave to be its masterpiece:


On an exterior side wall you will find a bronze sculpture immortalizing the architects of the church. Look closely and you can see a marker stone with the Appelmans name on it:


Just around the corner from the church is a brasserie taking its name from this bouwmeester family:


In fact, there are tons of dining choices all around this area…


But one of my favorites has got to be this dive that takes the word to a new low (haha):


Actually it’s definitely not a dive. It’s a restaurant in a super adorable, hidden courtyard and if you go around that blind corner to the right, this is what you’d see:


When I come out of this mini-maze, I realize that there are apartments here and I really, really want to choose mystery door number 3, push in on its shell doorknob, and see what’s inside:


Tired yet? We’ve only scratched the surface. More photos from the street tomorrow and then we’re leaving Belgium.


  1. scholastican

    Such beautiful photos, they captivate the picturesque environs you visit MissL =)

  2. larkie

    Thanks Hatawa! Can you imagine all the other “secret” nooks and crannies to discover around Antwerp?

  3. Hatawa

    Larkie love youre blog,
    The restaurant in the cellar, is the place were my husband and i ate on are first trip to Antwerp together.

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