Time Flies When Life Happens


I’m packing again.  This time I’m heading back to Big D to spend Father’s Day with my parents.  Most people love the heat, but I find it even more challenging to pack for extremely warm climates than cold ones.  Layering is my specialty; sun exposure is not.  Remember, I’ve been living the life of a vampire for the last decade in an effort to save my skin.

I still have a couple of appointments this morning before my rendezvous with LAX so I can’t gab too long today. I do just have one big shout out to my soon-to-be-17 niece Z who got her driver’s license!  I saved her 3:35pm text on my BlackBerry to record her huge milestone. How is it possible that she was 5-years-old just yesterday, barely able to see anything from the sunken passenger seat of my roadster, and now she’s sitting behind the wheels?  The picture taken above was from 7 years ago, and she had just come out of the shower, her hair dripping wet.  Moments of her life forever in my mind. Time flies when life happens.

See you all in Big D!

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  1. David

    Z behind the wheel? Be afraid, be very afraid!

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