For $1 I’ll Try Anything


There’s a huge Korean supermarket in Carrollton, Texas called H Mart. And by huge I mean enormous.  Turns out it’s a chain and a big enterprise.  At this location there’s a full produce section,


kimchi department (I don’t know how else to call it), food court,


bakery, large seafood section, clothing boutique, household goods section, phone store.  And also a large grocery store in the middle of all this. It’s like a Super Wal-Mart or Super Target–for some reason super doesn’t happen in my state of California–but with a dedicated aisle of soy sauce:


So walking around all this square footage with the aroma of food enticing my every step, I really want to find a snack.  Sure enough, amidst all the Korean food-to-go stands, I spot something that has no meat. The sign says “fish black bean.” Eww, right? But for $1 I’ll try anything, especially if it comes with a show:


The pastry is a cross between a pancake and a waffle with semi-sweet black bean paste baked inside:


My mom liked hers, and I’m good for about 3/4 of the fish. The first bite sure was yummy though:


  1. bonfei

    Woo…I love those fish pastries. It is a traditional japanese street food. Drools… Looking forward to your new posts on tpf.

  2. Anonymous

    Ooh! I love H Mart! Great Korean food to go too. I like those fish waffles. The produce prices are great. Cheap. Cheap. Cheap!

  3. eileen

    It looks like the red bean pancakes we have in Singapore! Some of the vendors have gotten creative and I have seen a variety of fillings like green tea paste, kaya, durian paste etc…

    They can be quite filling…lol

  4. beatrice

    je veux y aller… je veux tout gouter..miam… le magasin de reve… j’y passerais la journée!!!

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