Hyper-life Mode


The  GPS in our car takes us from Mayacama to San Francisco via another bridge. This time around we’re crossing the Bay Bridge:


San Francisco is an extremely photogenic city. Very little rivals the sight of the city rising beyond the foot of the bridge, dizzying my vision with a slew of Victorian homes and skyscrapers jockeying for position over the hills. 


Once on foot, I can feel the buildings teetering above me as I maneuver around other pedestrians, bike messengers, and cable cars.  I try not to use a car inside this city as driving here is a total assault on my motor (pun intended) skills, what with the steep hills and million distractions to cope with while navigating an infinite number of one-way streets. 


My senses come to hyper-life mode when I’m in San Franciso; there is no way to sleepwalk your way through this town. If you do, it’s a real shame because look at what’s waiting for you:


Most of my aerial photos in today’s blog are from Macy’s rooftop Cheesecake Factory in Union Square.  I only have about three hours in the city before heading back to LA.  It is here that I have lunch on a perfectly balmy day. I may not be able to trade LA for this city by the bay, but no matter how many times I’ve been here, I’m always excited to come back. 


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