Crack Addict


I stand retracted. I soooo need the internet.  How did I ever live without it before?  I’ve tried everything, including sitting as close to the nearby casita as possible–without those people calling security on me that is–to hopefully latch on to their connection.  I’ve even considered driving around the golf cart with the MacBook on my lap to see if I could score a hit on any hill around me.  By 6 pm I am pacing inside my casita like a crack(Berry) addict, wired up from being unwired.  How is it that people can stream videos across the internet on subway trains in Tokyo and I can’t even make a single phone call from up here in California?  But enough whining already!  Who goes to paradise to escape the grind and complains about being disconnected? I just have to learn to sit still, and enjoy nature:  


This is what I’m looking at:


I know, it’s pretty freaking beautiful here, right? Cue cricket sounds.


So let’s talk about my golf cart.  Show me anything motorized or halfway fast and I can stay entertained for quite some time.  Nobody is dorky enough to cart around with a 2.55 flap bag over the shoulder, but heck, I might as well goof around in style:



Truth be told, even if I don’t play golf, I do enjoy seeing the various courses for the engineering designs behind each hole. 


 Doesn’t mean I understand why anyone wants to chase that little white ball around all day long, or why golf clothes can’t be a tad more flattering.


I really have to comment on the hospitality here.  We’ve had nothing but fabulous reception from the staff, including turn-down service,


following top-tier dining experiences all day long.  For my first dinner I have the spicy tuna over an edamame salad then spinach pasta with smoky wild mushrooms in a fantastic wine sauce. Everything just tastes much more organic and vibrant here.  Some of my neurons may be taking a hit out here, but my tastebuds have loved every minute of being in Mayacama:


Full of energy from a power meal like that, the next morning I literally jump out of bed on to the aforementioned heated floor. We’re going to Napa Valley for wine tasting. Do you know what that means? That’s right, civilization!  Yes!  During the hour-long car ride on the hilly, curvy narrow road, I catch up on my emails and phone calls while enjoying this marvelous scenery:


Tomorrow I’ll show you the wineries we visit.  I can still smell the champagne in my head.


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