When Technology Fails

I’ve been excited to reveal the location of my mini trip this week as it unfolds in real time, but due to a technological hiccup, I am unable to upload pictures to the blog right now. Suffice it to say I will be keeping copious notes on my Blackberry and taking tons of photos and then come back here in a few days to put the trip together for you, once I’m back home in LA with better tech support. No one is more disappointed than I am because the whole point of this blog is to write live from the road.

But no worries, when technology fails I go shopping. I know, that comment makes absolutely no sense but if I can’t blog about travel or fashion, I might as well hit the shops for research material…while on the road. Sale season has kicked in like a spooked horse and all this week I’ve been fielding calls from breathless sales associates anxious for clients (well, me) to come back into their stores for “deals.”  I’ve my lists ready, categorized by designer, occasion and priority; it is all I can do to hold out as long as I can for the next round of markdowns. Only a few impossible to find items will make this first cut for me. This fashionista is practicing the recessionista chant (if it’s meant to be it will make it to final markdown) with every call enticing her to the clothing racks. Now if only there were such a chant for shoes.

OK, this is the second time in a row that I’ve teased you about shoes. I swear there will be a whole blog dedicated to the magic of shoes. My shoes.  Several readers have asked specifically about my shoe addiction and I promise I will tell the story of how it all came to be. 

See you in a few days.


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