Every Day Should Be Celebrated Like Mother’s Day


After four days of hanging around my sister and her newborn daughter, I have to give serious props to all the moms in the world, particularly today on Mother’s Day. And especially to my mom who was brave/masochistic enough to go through motherhood three times over. 



Sleep deprivation, hormonal uproar, emotional overload, and physical fatigue are just some of the joys of motherhood. Even in this state, moms go on auto pilot to feed, comfort, and care for the baby. Whatever precious minutes they may get for catnaps are all taken with one eye and both ears open. It is fatigue beyond fatigue. It is bootcamp for the ages. And I haven’t even mentioned the poopy diapers. Whereas I get to hold her then leave in a couple of days and catch up on my sleep, new moms are in this for the long haul. I don’t know how you moms do it, whether it is full-time or balanced with work outside the home.



All I can say is, every day should be celebrated like Mother’s Day.



The first night I arrived in NYC, my brother-in-law asked me if it was weird to see my baby sister be a mom. I answered that it wasn’t because I always knew she’d be a mom; she’s very patient and nurturing. But it wasn’t until I overheard her refer to the baby as her daughter that it really registered with me. I wasn’t weirded out as much as startled; the baby of the family is no longer a baby, and the baby has a baby. OK, it is a little weird.

This year and every year for the rest of her life, she will have the designation of mom next to her name. And she gets to join my other sister and my mom in a very special club.

Happy Mother’s Day.


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