Let the City Happen to Me


There’s so much of NYC to see that no matter how many times I’ve been there, the unfamiliar always trumps the familiar.  Manhattan elicits the same excitement whether I’m seeing it for the first time as a college freshman on a miniscule budget or as an executive many years later on a less restrictive business account.



It does not matter if I’m eating cheap pizza from a takeout joint or schmoozing clients at the swankiest places.




It is the same whether I’m window shopping in Soho as a twenty-something or power shopping at Chanel as a former twenty-something…




The joy of New York is to simply be in the city, regardless of wherever I am in my life.





To experience Manhattan, all I need are my two feet, a subway pass…



and then I let the city happen to me.



And once in a while, when the timing is just so, fashion and travel intersect right in front of my eyes:




And that’s why I blog.


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