Clammy Aftertaste


I always know when I’m sick because my ears pop and then I get strange cravings in spite of a missing appetite.  So that explains my lapse in blogging. Luckily I come around to feeling human again just in time for a fun lunch at Pizzeria Mozza ( ) at the corner of Highland and Melrose.  This is what you also see on Melrose:




Mozza is one of Chef Mario Batali’s joints and it’s always hopping. For the best thin crust pizza go here. I order the clam pizza to the waiter’s enthusiastic delight but next time I’ll get something else. Clam is music to my ears but too…clammy even for my taste.  I can’t get rid of the aftertaste even if the crust is now a happy memory.


This restaurant is right around the corner from the Hollywood & Highland Center (home of the Kodak Theater where American Idol and the Oscars are taped) and I decide to stop by and see if there are any photo opportunities. Here are some views from the top–and yes, that’s the famous El Capitan Theater in the second picture:





Let me take you down to street level on Hollywood Blvd where all the tourists are; we’re right at the Mann’s Chinese Theater:





All told, I see Superman, Wonder Woman, Snoopy, Sponge Bob, and Snoopy on one block. Then some Gene Simmons impersonator in full KISS gear comes up and sticks his tongue out at me.  The clammy aftertaste comes back.  I think it’s time to go home.


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