The Gao


As I woke up this morning on my 25th birthday… yet again –yes, it gets harder and harder to say that joke every year with a straight face–I reached blindly for my blackberry (what, you don’t sleep with your blackberry?) and got the email I’d been anxiously waiting for all night. My little sister and her husband just welcomed their first child into the world this morning, all 5 pounds and 2 ounces of delicious pinkness. We’ve been referring to the baby as the Gao, which means rice in Vietnamese because of how she looked in the sonogram pictures early on. The verdict is still out as to the name that will make it on the birth certificate.  I hope when she’s 13 she won’t kill me for posting this picture of her. And when she has a baby of her own this blog entry will get her ferklempt. Well, I suspect she will cry over just anything at that point from the hormones alone but I’d like to think otherwise!  Besides my birthday and a love for Chanel (haha!), I hope she will share with me an impatient curiosity to see the world and an unconditional love for the people who gave her life. Happy BIRTHday little one!


  1. Helen

    Hahah! How cute, the gao, I had to re-read that to make sure it was what I think I read it as! Cheers to you and your new little niece!

  2. Anonymous

    Happy Birthday L!!! Hope you have a great weekend filled with much joy and happiness.

  3. Candy

    Very hearty congratulations!!

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