Make Me a Leafy Sea Dragon!


So where do I pick you up today? Ah yes, we’re still at Exposition Park,  in front of the IMAX theater at the California Science Center.  There are funny signs on the ground asking you to think about your shadow, your sense of smell, and things like that:


I’m still shocked that I’m having a great time in SC territory so the sign above is appropriate. I can tell the kids are excited to be here, but it’s even more amusing to see adults turn into kids when they’re at the Science Center. I’m giddy that the IMAX is showing a movie in 3D (!)…here comes the gratuitous fashion pic:


It’s a short albeit wonderful movie about underwater life in the Coral Triangle and Coral Reef. In my next life I’d like to return as a phosphorescent jelly fish. Or better yet, make me a leafy sea dragon!

After the movie I walk over to the Coliseum, site of the 1984 Olympics and home to the Trojan football team:


And I’m getting hungry thinking about the ramen waiting for me in Little Tokyo (more on that in a future blog)…


In all my years in LA I’ve only been here twice, including today. The first time was to pick up a friend of mine after he finished the LA marathon. And it’s actually an amazing place, one of several spectacular amphitheaters in Southern California where you can truly enjoy the weather and geography.


By the way, I forgot to post this picture from the Rose Garden yesterday–one of two weddings I spotted:



On my way back to the parking lot, I try my hand at lifting a pickup truck!



And wouldn’t you know it, as I slink off the campus with my eyes covered in shame, what do I get as a farewell but a bunch of kids from the famous Trojan marching band on their way to the Coliseum…hey, is that kid giving me the finger in this picture below?


No, he was actually just making the peace sign. Whew, I thought he could smell my Bruin blood all the way from my car!



Can they taunt me any harder?



I make a quick detour through downtown LA on the way home–more sights and sounds in the next blog. 


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