Nature’s Art


So I’ve unpacked one of my suitcases and downloaded most of my photographs to my backup PC at home. Unfortunately one of my memory sticks forgets how to work so it looks like those photos can only be viewed from my camera.  In reviewing my pics, though, I realize that I haven’t blogged about that one perfect snow day I had in Belgium, where the flakes were still perfectly placed on the ground,


tree branches,


 and rooftops…

By the way, that’s probably Belgium’s smallest one-room schoolhouse ever in the picture above.


I was supposed to visit a museum that day, but the beautiful landscape beckoned me outdoors to enjoy nature’s art instead, and we found ourselves in Andenne:


I fantasize about reading Hemingway (ok, maybe playing Guitar Hero instead)  in front of a roaring fireplace inside this magnificent house while a pot of tea is brewing nearby:


There are super narrow alleys around this town…


as well as steep, hilly lanes…


that when conquered, give you a spectacular visual reward:


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