Now Eat This: Day 4


It must seem like I’ve done nothing in Dallas but eat, but I swear I’ve done other things…just nothing interesting enough to photograph (but do pop over to the ODJ link to see my new pictures). So here we go, let’s see what’s on the menu today!

For lunch we ate bo bia, which is yet another variety of spring rolls. We begin by quickly sauteing the sliced carrots and jicama and then adding the julienned eggs:


Then we glaze some small dried shrimps, chop the roasted peanuts, wet the rice paper, clean the greens (lettuce, cilantro, mints–the usual suspects), and prepare the rolling station:


That brown sauce you see is hoisin sauce blended with hot sauce. The softened rice paper is layered with, in this order, lettuce, mints, cilantro, hoisin sauce, carrots/jicama, dried shrimps, peanuts, and then rolled tightly:


And then in the belly it goes! Miam! It’s a great, light snack/lunch:


But lest you think I only eat healthy meals, we’ve also been busy making peanut brittle, one batch with real sugar and the other with Splenda for my mom. Here’s how it went down (in the pictures where the caramel looks dark, it’s with real sugar):

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And then, tadah


I can already hear my dentist crying, but sometimes I have to indulge the sweet tooth. I sure hope I’ll be inspired to blog about something unrelated to food tomorrow, but I already know the eating binge won’t end till I get on the plane to go home later this week. Not that I’m complaining!


  1. Panda

    Larkie, do you mind sharing this recipe? my mum’s diabetic and I’d love to make some for her using splenda, and I’m sure my hubby would love some regular version too!

  2. larkie

    hi E, thanks for your comment–my mom and i got a good chuckle out of it. my mom doesn’t have a resto but she loves to teach people how to cook. sadly culinary skills are not hereditary, lol. i take after my dad in that department and am better at eating than cooking!

  3. Eileen

    Larkie, this is the third time I am coming back to drool at all this delicious food!!! Oh my gosh…does yr mum by any chance run a restaurant?? They all look so yummy! My fav is the tumeric fish…well in fact I love all things tumeric! I love the peanut brittle…it is sooo addictive, but I am sad to say that my teeth is in bad shape now mainly due to my penchant for sweet stuff!

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