Good Things Come in Little Packages


Venice is about as touristy as it gets, but I’ve stumbled into a town that’s literally preserved for tourism. Touted as the world’s smallest town, Durbuy makes a perfect weekend getaway or sleepy honeymoon spot.


When I first drive through this town, my immediate impression is that it’s like a backlot of a movie studio or an amusement park built by Disney. 


There is the requisite chateau surrounded by a charming village…


and in this case there is a wonderful topiary park at the base of the hill, along a rambling river…

In fact, this topiary park boasts some 250 topiaries of all shapes and sizes. Unfortunately the park is closed for the winter so I can only take exterior shots.


As I stroll through the old town center, there are numerous hotels and B&Bs…


and an endless number of restaurants and boutiques…


In fact, it seems that there are only hotels, restaurants and boutiques in this extremely clean town. It’s truly enchanting.


Granted Durbuy is not picture perfect like Bruges and probably doesn’t offer too much beyond a romantic escape (though just outside of the village are numerous tour operators for kayaking and other outdoors activities for the summer crowds), it is still a sweet little spot in Belgium. Good things do come in little packages.

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  1. Sabrina

    This is one of my favorite places so far. Looks so beautiful and enchanting. I would love it here!

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