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Hi everyone! I started this entry on Tuesday this week when I hit a severe case of writer’s block:

I’ve been packing and repacking for the last couple of days for my upcoming trip to Europe (I will finally be blogging live from the road!).  You’d think I’d have packing down to a science by now, but this trip involves a four-day stopover in Florida for a wedding before pushing off across the Atlantic for five weeks abroad, so let’s just say packing has been challenging.  It’s also tough to pack winter clothes when Pasadena hits mid-80s all this week.  When you live in Southern California for a long period of time, your blood thins, you become a wuss, and you forget what winter weather means. Would that be two or three layers of clothes? And does this mean no peep-toe shoes?

So how do I pack for a trip that involves formal, business, and casual attire? I just pack black–shoes, bags, coats, hats, clothes. With the exception of colorful scarves for a pop of color,  I’m hoping to keep it as simple as possible this time around. But is it wrong that I’m packing five pairs of shoes for six weeks on the road? It sounds like a lot but I’m rationalizing that each pair serves a purpose.  I used to think that I could just go buy something if I forgot it at home, but experience tells me that’s not a good plan.  Even for the most basic item, just when you need something it’s virtually impossible to find.

OK, I just took a five hour break between that last paragraph and this one. I’ve managed to squeeze everything into two large suitcases and a small carry-on case.  I also threw in some colorful sweaters to cheer myself up. As much as I love to wear black, it was starting to look dreary inside my suitcase. I’m a little freaked out that two winter coats have taken up a lot of space…


Here we are two days later and I have made it to Florida. Flying eastward is always tough–it starts with a very early wake-up call for car service to the LA Zoo (aka LAX) and ends with nightfall by the time I reach my destination.  Sitting on the plane to fly cross country technically shouldn’t zap that much energy, but the mental stress of flying is just as overwhelming as physical fatigue.  But sometimes special displays at random airports are visual vitamins to keep you going. 



I snapped these pictures on my blackberry at the Miami Airport. All we need is love is spelled out in roses.  Pausing for a few minutes in front of the flowers broke my usual, hurried stride through the airport.  My eyes relaxed for a second as I literally stopped to smell the roses. That’s all the encouragement I need to go on the road again.  And when I leave Florida this Monday for a long trek through Europe, I will need all the encouragement I can get.


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  1. Michelle

    I love this. Beautiful.

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