Gîte do it


I’ve not really been a B&B (bed and breakfast) kind of a traveler but given a chance to get away from the hustle & bustle of a busy week, I can learn to appreciate the European way of renting a gîte, which is typically a house turned into a B&B, in the middle of nowhere for a weekend to decompress. The place might be too desolate for Type A personalities or restless spirits but sometimes you gîte do it! This time around I pack my overnighter and laptop to go to a farm house in Audinghen…


which is next door to Wissant, a commune in France. Wissant is a sleepy town snuggled between Cap Gris-Nez (Cape Grey Nose) and Cap Blanc-Nez (Cape White Nose).

We hike for 5km from the city center…

to the Bay of Wissant


and along the path there are little wooden lookouts for birdwatching:


This area is now a nature’s reserve…


but every once in a while you would stumble across a bunker left from the world war to remind you that man destroys as much as he preserves:


We finally arrive at the beach and muddy, grassy path turns to sand:


This beach is one of the cleanest I’ve ever seen.


The variety in the stones found here would make Martha Stewart giddy with design ideas:


It’s about 2 degrees Celsius with a windchill factor of who knows how low, as you can see and hear in this video…



but I literally could have stayed here all day…


but lunch beckons so we stop at the end of the hike for moules frites (I choose moules frites italiennes which has a bit of a kick from the spices, perfect for a chilly day):


With our bellies now full, we wander out to the neighboring areas to get a close up look of long abandoned bunkers in the D Haringzelles woods (this area was controlled by the Germans for some time during the war and many of the villages still maintain German names):


This part has been an easy hike, but the mud is thicker as we get farther into the woods. Little patches of water have also started to ice over. I am cold but the earmuffs help a lot. We finally give up on the woods and drive to another beach for sunset shots:


It’s now almost midnight here so I’ll leave you with a shot of my favorite time of the day. Tomorrow I’ll take you inside a very cool war remnant.


  1. Catherine

    Breath taking pictures! Hope I can vist those places some time soon! C

  2. C

    hey L!
    hope you remember me! the young one from tpf chanel! i know i’ve been on MIA for a long while but i’ve been away studying and have not been active on tpf and your thread (sad to know you left for europe and closed it down!!) anyway i’m on wordpress too!! 🙂

    i miss europe!! have lots of fun and be safe!!

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