Happy Holidays!


Two recurring themes in my travel photography are local children and CHANEL boutiques that I run across in foreign countries. Hey, I did say this is supposed to be about travel and fashion! Sometimes if I’m lucky, I manage to capture both themes in one shot as in the photograph above, taken in Tokyo.

This is my first Christmas Eve blog and I’d like to wish everyone a wonderful, peaceful holiday season. With some perseverance I hope to bring you more of the world next year.  Below are some of my favorite pictures from various continents.  For what is Christmas without children?







The best way to enjoy Christmas is through children’s eyes, free of cynicism from the commercialized holiday that we have come to know as adults.  So if I could wish you all something for Christmas, it would be to relive five minutes from your childhood through your adult eyes. If I could grant myself that one wish, I would want these five minutes back:


Happy holidays everyone!


  1. beatrice

    j’aime vraiment beaucoup la photo de la petite fille et du vieux monsieur…
    elle regarde vers l’avenir et lui se tourne vers son passé et cependant on ressent une réelle communion entre eux deux..il y a plein d’amour qui n’a pas besoin de paroles dans cette photo..il est vieux, penché comme un arbre battu par les vents il est tout courbé mais elle pose sa tete sur lui car elle sent qu’elle peut s’appuyer sur lui avant de s’élancer dans la vie..

  2. someone (;

    Chor daddeh says that it was rather mushy.

    However, we noticed that the last picture of lil larkie seems to have cropped out someone! (;

    not nice!
    jus’ keeding

    I love youuu <333

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