Gastronomy central

Los Angeles is largely an anti-pedestrian town, so when I travel I try to walk everywhere. By far the best way to get to know a new place (except LA) is usually on foot. This constant movement also provides a guilt-free excuse to eat your way through your destination. And rubbing elbows with the locals over grub is a lot of fun. There are a million stories waiting to be shared between strangers, and no matter how tough the language or cultural barrier may be to you as a tourist, food is usually the common denominator that breaks down that wall.

Chestnuts in Tokyo:

Rice snacks in Tokyo:

Udon in Kyoto:

Almond pretzels in Germany:

Moules frites in Belgium:

Poffertjes in Delft:

Belgian waffle in Dallas:

Tajine in the desert:

Pancakes in Amsterdam:

Gastronomy central. Makes me hungry.


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